A Closer Look at the Crew

CRUISING ON LA SURPRISE is A journey, a window onto another world, AND An adventure THAT IS inherently about people.

Quick review of La surprise’s crew.

Before your cruise, you will be in touch with Pauline who will offer advice on the different destinations and activities you can choose on your long La Surprise cruise. She is a sailor with a real passion for travel and she will be your point of contact for all your practical questions. She can arrange your flights and accommodation before or after the cruise, with the help of our partner, the Trade Wings travel agency. Together with the captain, Pauline is happy to help you prepare a cruise that will live up to your dreams.

Once on board La Surprise, you will be welcomed by Nang, Louis and Constantin.

Nang, the chef, has always worked on boats. An excellent Thai cuisine cook, she combines this range of flavours with European and Lebanese cuisine, along with pastry and bread making. She adjusts her cooking to specific requests and food allergies, and with her zest for life and her tasty dishes, she brings a smile to everyone’s face! If you are interested, you can help her out with some of her recipes or she can take you to the local markets to choose the best fresh produce during the cruise.

Louis is a seasoned sailor and a good navigator, with a great deal of experience of living aboard and water sports. He will be delighted to teach you how to fish, go speargun fishing or take you on shore for various excursions. He knows the boat inside out and, with great professionalism and good humour, he will take care of the adults and children on aboard La Surprise, making sure they are comfortable. 

Constantin, the captain, has followed the boat’s cruises, refits and maintenance, since 2016. He takes care of the cruise’s finishing touches and tests La Surprise to be fully aware of her capacities and limitations, to ensure your safety and performance in all weather. He has sailed from a very young age in regattas and cruises, and then in a professional sailing capacity with customers on board, and loves to share his passion and see the boat reach her full potential under sail.

You and the Crew

La Surprise’s crew has followed developments on board closely to ensure performance, and your comfort and safety, in the preparation for this long cruise. Each crew member is there to help make this experience unique, and to capitalize on their professional skills to make the cruise unforgettable. Together the crew can adapt its presence to your individual tastes and needs. If you wish, the crew can take charge of everything, leaving you to enjoy your time as you wish, or they can involve you in life on board.