La Surprise Experience

Enjoy a La Surprise Cruise

What is a cruise on La Surprise all about?

It is about exploring archipelagos on the other side of the world on a modern, comfortable, first-rate catamaran that performs well under sail. 

Set sail on a voyage of discovery, away from overcrowded destinations, and enjoy an experience in which people matter and you are number one.

Each stopover is different on this half circumnavigation and you are actively involved in planning them. Enjoy taking part in a real adventure, following historical maritime routes in the wake of the great explorers, from the Pacific Ocean to the Brazilian coasts, via the Indian Ocean.

Living on Board

Everyone enjoys cruising on La Surprise at their own pace, getting the most from the hundreds of different aspects of cruising.

People keen on performance will be interested in the recent design of this catamaran, its unique technology, all the options and optimisations the owner asked for, and how it is used.

Anyone wishing to recharge their batteries will immerse themselves in the quiet beauty of these virgin landscapes and relish the comfort of relaxing in the shade of the cockpit or on deck.

There are many water sports and activities ashore and each stopover has its own highlights.

The crew will tailor the cruise to your needs and will either offer their help or remain discreet. 

The chef will serve delicious food and surprise you with Thai, French, Italian, Lebanese and Japanese cooking. She will adapt to the guests’ various tastes, and to their ideas in relation to tropical products, often surprising them, taking care to choose as much fresh food as possible.

There will be no plastic waste involved in our cooking, in keeping with our values. The crew works hard beforehand, preparing its own preserves and sauces, and updating traditional cooking techniques. Managing stocks and cooking on a boat require organization and a few tricks. These could easily be used at home when you get back.

The Watchword for Your Cruise on La Surprise? Exploration!

On the sea, under the sea and on shore.

Once moored, flippers, masks and tubas can be donned to enjoy snorkelling and explore the sea beds teeming with life. Louis, First Mate, on board, can take you speargun fishing underwater or exploring the abundance of fish on the reefs. You are just above water level in a two-seater kayak or on a stand-up paddle, allowing you to get close to animals and sea birds without disturbing them, as you explore.

In keeping with your destinations, you can get another perspective on a stopover by taking a tender up a river, or exploring a coast or a neighbouring isle.

We will tailor excursions on shore to your wishes at the time, organising treks to see volcanoes, forests and waterfalls, or to go bird-watching, or just to explore villages and local communities.

Some of the more unusual destinations are a chance to learn about traditional cultures and involve friendly interaction with the locals.